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June 7, 2005



M.H. Siegele, Jr.

AVP, BNSF RY Labor Relations

P.O. Box 961030

Fort Worth, TX 76161-0030


Re: Pooling of Cabooses Agreement application at Chicago, IL

Dear Mr. Luther, 

This is in regard to our recent discussions regarding the proper application of the Pooling of Cabooses Agreement at Chicago, IL with respect to Section 11 and the transportation of crews between Aurora, IL and Cicero, IL.


In an effort to resolve this matter in a manner that is equitable to both parties, it is therefore agreed:


1.  Trainmen assigned to the Cicero-Savanna Pool and Cicero—LaCrosse ID Pool will be provided transportation from Aurora, IL to Cicero, IL and return. Trainmen may elect to drive their own vehicle to protect this service and will be allowed the prescribed amount of mileage reimbursement for all highway miles to and from these locations.


2.   Trainmen who wish to be provided transportation must periodically make their intentions known to the Carrier. The Carrier will post a ten-day notice prior to January 1 and July 1 to solicit the submission of a transportation request. Selections will remain in effect for defined six-month periods, January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31, and cannot be changed without the Carrier’s approval. Trainmen who place to these poo1s subsequent to the selection process, and have not previously submitted a selection, will submit a transportation request as soon as possible and their request will remain in effect through the end of the scheduled six-month period. Trainmen assigned to the pools identified in Section 1 will not be eligible for the provisions of Sections 2.1 and 2.2 until their request is submitted.


2.1   Trainmen electing to not be provided transportation will be required to drive their own vehicle between these locations and will be compensated as set forth in Section



2.2    Trainmen electing to be provided transportation, and who subsequently wish to drive their own vehicle, will notify the crew caller at time of call for each trip.





Trainmen exercising this option will not receive the mileage reimbursement set forth in Section 1.


3    Trainmen assigned to the Aurora /Eola Extra Boards, and those that are called off their regular assignment to protect temporary vacancies, will continue to report for service at Aurora/Eola and will be provided transportation to Cicero, IL, or, if electing to drive Their own vehicle, will receive compensation for such as provided in Section 1. In addition, trainmen under this Section will be allowed payment of one (1) hour to and from Cicero, IL


4.   Transportation provided by the Carrier will be subject to the provisions under Section IV (Highway Transport Vehicle Safety) of Memorandum of Agreement between UTU and BNSF effective December 1, 1998.


No other agreements or understanding arc affected by these terms unless specifically addressed herein. Aurora/Eola trainmen, regular and extra, will continue to receive the previously agreed to three-hour call when protecting service at Cicero, IL.


For the purpose of this understanding, the term “trainman” will refer to both conductors and brakemen.


If you are in agreement with the terms of this understanding, please indicate so by signing below.

  Sincerely,                                                                    I Agree,


R.S. Knutson (signature)                                                    M.H. Siegele  Jr (signature)

General Chairman                                                                AVP, BNSF Labor Relations